MediWell In Focus: looking for a magazine to read while they wait?

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Are your patients looking for a magazine to read while they wait?

We have heard your feedback, and this month your MediBoard will have our latest MediWell poster showing patients how easy it is to upload a magazine direct from MediBoard QR codes.

3 easy steps!

  1. Open your phone camera
  2. Hold camera over MediWell QR code (on a brochure, digital poster, or print poster)
  3. Tap on the webpage notice and open MediWell

MediWell has had Thousands of uploads!

Your feedback and support have been incredible; we now have over 1,500 uploads of the magazine and hundreds of subscribers.

You can use MediWell on your practice website or Facebook.

Sue Neems, Practice Manager from Drury Surgery, says
“MediWell provides a useful link for patients to find on their own and quickly access up to date information on wellness, healthy lifestyle, and other health promotions.”

We have used the information on our practice website so patients can have direct access.

In addition to printed health brochures, more and more practices turn to digital access in their waiting rooms to help patients learn more about their health.

There is value in having printed and digital options available to patients in waiting rooms as it’s one of the most common places people get their health information.

We are publishing new issues of MediWell bimonthly, so lookout for the next issue and contact [email protected] for our latest social media link that you can use on your practice website or newsletter.

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