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Discover MediBoard

We expose your brand and your message to thousands of New Zealanders as they wait in GP and hospital waiting rooms.

About Mediboard

Celebrating 20 years

MediBoard offers a professional and modern board to display your brochure and poster resources.

Simply send your brochures, posters or digital collateral to us and our team will take care of distribution, offering guaranteed placement across our national network. 

With our help, you’ll reach a relevant and engaged audience in 730+ waiting rooms across New Zealand. 

Talk to us about the easy way to share your message and create a happier, healthier New Zealand.

Get on board

Why Choose Mediboard?

Reach Your Target

A waiting room audience has health on their mind. Grab their attention at the right moment.


Share your message with the entire nation, without the need to hire your own distribution network.


MediBoard shares results so you know the uptake of your brochures.

We Make It

Send us your brochures and we will distribute and restock them for you.


Have your brochures installed in up to 800 leading GP clinics or hospital waiting rooms. 

Virtual, Printed or
Poster Advertising

Choose your channel for sharing health messages with the greater community.


Our Team

Healthcare Advertising Specialists NZ

Stacey Airey

Head Office Managing Director
Healthcare Advertising Specialists NZ

Paula Mooney

Business Development Manager

Regional Representations

Healthcare Advertising Specialists NZ

Angela McGregor

Auckland and Northland
Healthcare Advertising Specialists NZ

Lynne Bartlett


Jan Sutherland

Dunedin Region

Lesley Kerry

Central Region

Sara Pritchard

Tauranga and BOP region