Mediboard for Medical Practices

MediBoard and MediPosters are displayed in 730+ GP and hospital waiting rooms throughout New Zealand.

The new MediBoard system provides a contemporary board holding A5 & DLE brochures and A3 Posters for your waiting room. This great-looking board includes several features to ensure brochure materials are always professionally displayed and easily accessible for your clients.

MediBoard is free for medical practices and hospitals

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MediBoard helps medical practices keep their patients informed about good health & wellbeing.

waiting room health brochures

Why MediBoard?

MediBoard reduces clutter and helps keep your waiting room neat and tidy—something your busy staff will appreciate.

We supply a wide range of regularly updated, high-quality health information that your patients can read while they wait and take with them as they leave.

Support Your Patients

Provide access to important health & wellbeing messages in your waiting rooms

Managing your MediBoards

MediBoard is responsible for the content management of the MediBoards and requests that if you have brochures that you want to put in the board that you arrange that at the time of installation with the local representative.

waiting room health brochures
waiting room health brochures

Brochure Content

MediBoard ensures that the information in your waiting room is current and covers a range of diverse health and education topics such as:

Government content from the Health Promotion Agency and ACC

Pharmaceutical Companies

Health services and agencies

Health awareness campaigns

Why Choose Mediboard for Your Waiting Room

Neat, Great Looking Brochure Boards

MediBoards are an easy and tidy way to present brochures.

Pay Nothing

Our friendly team will deliver, mount and fill your board at no charge.

Restocked Monthly

We return every month to refill and replace health & wellbeing brochures. 

Ease Waiting Room Boredom

Let your patients be informed about health solutions while they wait.

Keep Your Patients Healthy

Our boards remind your patients about important health issues.

Be a Leading Healthcare Clinic

Join 730 MediBoard sites and provide informative health content.

Hear From Practices Around New Zealand

Blog Articles

Recent Digital MediPosters

We often get asked what content is featured on the Digital MediPoster playlist, so here is a preview for you:

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Shoo the Flu
Aotearoa Imms Wk
Edwards lifesciences : Do you have a heart murmur?
Bowel Screen Do it for Whanau
Bowel Screen Do it for Whanau
Diabetes NZ Diabetes Matters for Everyone
Diabetes NZ Diabetes Matters for Everyone
HQSC Lend your voice to improve our health system
HQSC Lend your voice to improve our health system
Largevrio is a treatment for mild to moderate Covid 19
Largevrio is a treatment for mild to moderate Covid 19
My weight stops me from doing things
My weight stops me from doing things
Waka Kotahi: Mixed? Don’t Drive
Don’t make excuses for problem periods
Put your foot down! - Diabetes
Ministry of Social Development: Eligibility Guide
Pharmac: You are a Priority
Look Good Feel Better

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