Depression Warning Signs For Men

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Although sorrow is frequently the primary symptom of depression, males may have a higher tendency than women to feel rage, exhibit violent feelings, and participate in drug addiction.

Because of the differences in symptoms and because men are less inclined than women to talk about and seek treatment for depression, many men may suffer undetected depression.

This article looks at the emotional, behavioral, and physical symptoms of depression in males. We also talk about how to receive help. Continue reading to learn how to diagnose and treat male sadness.

Depression Warning Signs in Men

Depression looks different in men than it does in women. While women with depression are more likely to internalize their feelings and become tearful, men are more likely to externalize their depression and become angry and aggressive. Other differences between the sexes include:

– Men are less likely than women to acknowledge that they are depressed

– Men are more likely to self-medicate with alcohol or drugs

– Men are more likely than women to act out their depression through risky behaviors, such as excessive spending, gambling, or promiscuous sex

If you suspect that your husband, father, brother, or son is depressed, look for the following warning signs:

– Depression in men often manifests as anger and hostility

– Depression in men can also cause them to withdraw from friends and family

– Depression may cause men to lose interest in things they once enjoyed

– Men who are depressed may take more risks, engage in reckless behavior, or become abusive

– Depression may cause physical symptoms in men, such as fatigue, loss of appetite, or difficulty sleeping

If you notice any of these signs in a loved one, encourage him to see a doctor or mental health professional. Depression is a treatable condition; the sooner it is diagnosed, the better. With proper treatment, men can and do recover from depression.

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