MediNews Health Awareness Calendar Spring 2020

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MediBoard Brochure Content in Medical Clinics this quarter:

Melanoma Awareness Week 19 – 25 Oct:

MediBoard resource: Do a Skin Check Today from Melanoma Foundation

Includes a great “What to look for Your A-G guide to melanoma” with photos as a visual guide

World Diabetes Day 14 Nov

MediBoard resource: 80% of type 2 diabetes is preventable: by Health Navigator and MediBoard

A good overview of PreDiabetes, the risk factors, what the signs and symptoms are, and how it is diagnosed

World Mental Health Day 10 Oct:

MediBoard resource: Helping someone who is mentally unwell?By Health Navigator and MediBoard.

Tips on how to practically support someone in need

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 1 – 31 October
Breast Cancer Foundation article in MediWell:

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