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More than 35% of Kiwis report not being able to sleep long enough or well enough, and with most Kiwis owning at least one smartphone, mobile apps are the most accessible route to get help for their sleep. Sleeping apps are gaining in popularity as a way to help with sleep and with that the question rises, are sleeping apps helpful?

Some apps block noise through calming music or white noise. Some apps help an individual fix terrible sleeping habits. Some may track how you sleep and gives you an idea or make you aware of your sleeping pattern.

It does not accurately diagnose a sleeping problem but becoming aware of your sleeping pattern can prompt you to take the steps needed to improve your sleep.

CBT-I or “Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Insomnia” is one of the most effective treatments for recurring sleep problems. It’s a form of counseling that helps individuals identify and change the behaviour and thoughts that contribute to their sleeping problems.

According to a study conducted by the University of South Australia, while specific sleeping applications might benefit those with insomnia, most people do not use them appropriately, and they can be detrimental by affecting your mental health or your immune system.

The most successful sleeping applications, according to the study, were those that recorded your sleep and offered recommendations on how to improve your sleeping patterns. These applications assist you in being more aware of your personal sleep habits and making behavioral adjustments that will enhance your sleep. In addition, relaxation applications and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) apps were also shown to be beneficial.

So, if you’re having trouble sleeping, one of these applications could be worth a go. However, to get the most significant benefits, make sure you purchase one that is specialized to your specific needs and that you utilize it appropriately.

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