Sleep For The Elderly

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sleep for the elderly

Sleep For The Elderly

The elderly needs just about the same amount of sleep as adults. The duration of sleep should be 7 to 8 hours a night. It is vital for the elderly…
Are sleeping apps helpful?

Are Sleeping Apps helpful?

More than 35% of Kiwis report not being able to sleep long enough or well enough, and with most Kiwis owning at least one smartphone, mobile apps are the most…
How Light Affects Sleep

How Light Affects Sleep

The most critical environmental component influencing sleep is light. While most individuals intuitively understand that sleeping in the dark is easier, the relationship between light and sleep is far more…

10 Tips To Improve Your Sleep

When you get into bed, if you have the same thoughts, remind yourself that you’ve already thought about them for today and put off worrying until tomorrow.