How do I get my health brochures into medical clinic waiting rooms?

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If marketing is about communicating value, healthcare marketing is creating, distributing, and sharing the value of what you do. Find out how to get your health brochures into waiting rooms.

To get your healthcare marketing right, you need to share it with the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

A waiting room environment is vital for health brands and services. By sharing engaging, helpful printed content with your audience, you can side-step the problem of being buried by numerous ‘Dr. Google’ websites and provide relevant information.

health brochures into waiting rooms

A long-standing client recently visited medical centers for a day with their salesperson and was astounded to see how prominent their branded poster and brochure campaign was in the clinics waiting room MediBoard.

The brand was advertised in a prime location for both the waiting room and medical center staff to see. As a senior marketer, she could not think of any other way that campaign could be made accessible and so prominent to consumers.

What are the benefits of having your brand in the healthcare waiting room?

It sounds obvious but be where your audience is, and healthcare waiting rooms remain a credible and contextually relevant channel as people are more aware than ever of looking after their wellbeing and that of their families.

Southern Cross Healthy Futures Report 2020 that Kiwis get health advice from their health professional first and foremost

What is your printed and digital content distribution strategy?

health brochures into waiting rooms

Getting your printed content in front of your target audience is critical in healthcare marketing and managing it on your own can be a challenging prospect. Often, complex, and technical medical information needs explaining, so a printed marketing piece by way of a DLE or A5 brochure is an excellent solution.

The physical distribution offers a few options, that is nationwide, Main city met, or by a DHB/City region. Then consider how you will practically get the information in front of consumers and healthcare professionals.

What are your options to access healthcare waiting rooms?

I had a conversation with a Communications Manager from an organisation last week, and she explained their dilemma:

  • Find all the GP clinics by going through a directory or purchase a GP “list” with addresses.
  • Then get their office administrator to put the brochures into piles, make the address labels, include a letter, and then post or courier the packs.
  • She quickly realized this would have a considerable opportunity cost, admin and postage costs as well as taking a lot of internal effort.

I pointed out that medical centers get inundated with information, and all too often it goes into the big round recycling file.

health brochures into waiting rooms

They quickly considered a paid service like MediBoard that can offer guaranteed distribution and placement of their health content, and then provide meaningful reporting on results.

What are the digital options in waiting rooms for health content?

Over recent years our results have continually proved the effectiveness of digital advertising and now demonstrates a case for the return on the investment. When assessing digital touchpoints to your campaign, keep in mind the digital opportunities in the waiting room setting. Choose a service that offers several digital options, for example

Digital Posters: animated video posters to get attention and engagement

  • MediWell Made for Mobile Magazine: a health and wellness magazine
  • Direct QR code brochure uploads: we have hundreds of brochures a month uploaded now from MediBoards QR codes
  • Online MediBoard: health content appears on a virtual MediBoard for direct access and feature in our medical content blog section

Who will see my healthcare brochure?

As well as getting seen, your campaign is reaching a wide audience of Kiwis, we go to general practice waiting rooms, on average, 2.7 times a year.

Waiting room demographics show all adult age groups are well represented. There is a skew to female head of household, sandwich generation, and parents.

MediBoard channel has excellent coverage in medical centers in areas with higher than average Maori and Pacific populations, and targeting these areas is also an option.

MediBoard provides cost-effective options to guarantee your print and digital health campaign reaches your target audience; you send us your content. We distribute to our network covering 730 medical centers.

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