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Here are some of the facts and figures of what is going on in primary care over September as NZ moves through various lockdown levels:

MediBoard Regional Team Feedback:

  • Health and medical facilities remained open as essential services and have been available in all lockdown levels.
  • Our regional representative team has been in phone contact with many practices over September, and the majority have reported waiting rooms are in use as they are providing vaccines (COVID 19 and Childhood) and consultations requiring to see a doctor or nurse. Our health brochures in their waiting room provide value to patients waiting for their consult.  

Photo of Tauranga Hospital Outpatients on September 9th, 2021

Ministry of Health GP vaccination update:

According to the Ministry of health there are 800 practices that have foundation standards to be vaccination clinics.

On the 10th of September there were 157 clinics that are COVID19 vaccinating or in the process of being able to vaccinate, that number will grow over the next few weeks as more join the immunisation programme.

NZ Doctor article highlights “COVID response cuts into practice finances – most practices weathering COVID storm” by Martin Johnston

  • 31% say their practice has reduced staff numbers or working hours because of the pandemic. A majority, 58%, say hours are unchanged, while 8% report an increase.
  • Practices have pivoted to provide swabs and vaccines at the expense of consultations and usual activities.
  • Many are still bogged down in the process of joining the COVID-19 immunisation programme.
  • With the lockdown, there has been an increase in telehealth, 63% say their practice primarily relies on phone consultations for telehealth, and 27% say their practice has embraced video and phone consults.
  • Reference

MediBoard in the News! Excellent news coverage from Te Roopu Hauora O Te Arawa on the vaccination uptake in Rotorua

MediBoard October Run planning:

  • The October run will commence as usual from this week in all regions excluding Auckland and Northland. Our warehouse is open and delivering your health brochures to our teams then to your waiting room with no delays.
  • The plan for Auckland is to start once we are at level 2 (est. from October 6th).
  • Our team uses an app to record the date and time at each site along with masking and Zoono sanitiser protocols, as we endeavour to keep our team and sites safe. We also sanitise the MediBoards with a Zoono 30 day protection surface cleaner.

Waiting Room Health Brochures | Contact Us

Are you looking for a way to add value to your waiting rooms not only for your patients but also for your staff? Find out more about our services here. If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message!

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